This week has been a whirlwind of college tours, which is why I am a day late on this week’s “Clickbait.” It isn’t easy looking for colleges after having the opportunity to study photography abroad this summer, and I know I am very lucky!

Here are some of the coolest backdrops I had the privilege of shooting during my time in Italy. It was more than just a country of art and culture — it was a life-changing experience that has positively affected my work and the way in which I view the world today. There were a lot more pictures from this trip, as you might imagine, but here is just a taste (of Italy) for now. More to come at a later date.

To see more of my photos, please check out my Instagram page at @tr_digital.

Click on any photo to see a larger version of it, click the left and right arrows on your screen to go forward or back.

Tyler Roarty is staff photographer for the “High Regard Show.”

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