What can we say about Red Bull Crashed Ice? It was a … very cool experience (yuk yuk).

All jokes aside, this ice cross downhill event in Saint Paul, Minnesota, was a truly amazing and awesome experience to attend. Canadian Dean Moriarity, who #booknerd Nikki kept carrying on about how much she loved his name because he shares it with a character in her beloved “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac, shocked the crowd by having his first-ever RBCI win during Saturday’s finals.

Marco Dallago of Austria came in second while hometown hero — and defending world champ — Cameron Naasz came in third for his fourth-straight podium appearance despite having a helluva crash into the wall. Points-wise, Naasz moved into the lead of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship.

On the women’s side, Myriam Trepanier of Canada took the top spot with American Sadie Lundquist in second and Canadian Tamara Kajah in third. U.S. racer Amanda Trunzo was in second place going into the harrowing final turn, but came in fourth after a hard crash.

More than 100,000 Saint Paulites came out to cheer on the racers, and it was truly a site to see, as was Saint Paul itself. What a cool city — literally. When we landed on Thursday night, it was 12 degrees. TWELVE. But thanks to lots of layers and a nice swag bag from Red Bull that included Nikki’s new favorite Elmer Fudd-esque hat, we were toasty warm as we watched the insanity.

Being who we are, well, who Nikki is and the roly poly that Tom used to be, we can’t not mention a popular Twin City delicacy, the “Juicy Lucy,” a burger that is stuffed with cheese. We had ours at Shamrock’s, and it was a gooey revelation that actually came with a waiver to sign because of “molten cheese” inside. It was such a great burger that one of us can’t stop thinking about it (spoiler: It’s the one who still has all of her stomach).

We also had Shamrock Bites, which are fried cheese curds with broccoli and bacon. Sheeeeit. We’ll be back Saint Paul, not just because of your food, but because you were a fantastic town with fantastic people who we LOVED talking hockey with because every one — every. single. person. from attendees of RBCI to Sally, the kindly woman who worked at the Cathedral of Saint Paul — was a diehard fan of the sport like us. Now if we could just make them root for the Islanders and not the Wild …

So before we get to the pics, we just want to thank our amazingly awesome hosts from Red Bull, our PR dream team Sandra and Alyssa, our fellow media peeps, my job for letting me cover this and especially our tour guide/spirit animal/former competitor/Crashed Ice Team USA Coach Charlie Wasley, who was just such a blast.

Without further ado, behold the fastest sport on skates!

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