When I was first asked to cover the Gwar concert on Halloween weekend, I thought, “Awesome! Who’s Gwar?”

After researching the band the best I could, I was excited to see a group who found a way to combine rock, performance art and horror all in one show. What I was not ready for was the lack of traditional safety for my equipment in the photo pit!

Sure, taking photos can be a contact sport when you are trying to get the perfect shot, that is after all what we are all there for, but what I was not ready for was the flood of fake blood that flowed off the stage as the first chord was struck. It was a lot of blood!

Admittedly, that was something I was not expecting, but thanks to fellow photogs who have seen the band before, they shielded me the best they could, and even gave me a spare garbage bag to cover my equipment with. Once I was properly geared up and was able to see the show through my lens, I became immediately hooked on Gwar and look forward to the next time they come around so that I can capture even more images for you guys — from under cover of the rain poncho I surely won’t forget!

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Tyler Roarty is staff photographer for the “High Regard Show.”

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