rpr_body_w5Remember back when we started this segment a month ago and Tom and I both wrote about how we never realized how much we talked about food until he couldn’t have any?

Since I cannot tell a lie, I know more often than not I was the not-so-little devil on Tom’s shoulder, always starting the food talk and getting us a snack because I am always always always hungry. I definitely feel like I did curb my food talk a lot over the past few weeks as well as my own eating (and even lost a few pounds to boot) because I really struggled with eating in front of Tom.

Though he said he’d be OK with it, it just felt … mean to eat near him as he suffered through yet another week of a liquid diet. Though my “diet” was not as horrific as Tom’s, I, too, became a bit hangry, drawn and not myself the past few weeks.

But as my food talk boiled down to nearly nothing, Tom’s reached pressure-cooker levels in a way I had never, ever heard him do, even when we were at our most indulgent eating. Nearly every conversation surrounded food. He commented on nearly every food commercial we saw — and you don’t realize how many there are until you hope and pray not to see one. (In fact, he just said he could go for a chicken McNugget, and he loathes McDonald’s. So learn from us: When you get your pre- and post-op instructions from your weight-loss surgeon telling you to avoid TV during the liquid diet, LISTEN. LISTEN. LISTEN!)

Tom has also been on his phone constantly looking at recipes from bariatric groups he follows. He’d wistfully talk about the food he loved before the operation and the food he couldn’t wait to have, like mashed-nearly-to-a-pulp tuna and eggs, when the liquid diet finally came to an end.

And that day is today. Today, after four weeks of a liquid diet, Tom can finally have slightly solid food, and my God, he’s giddy like a little kid on Christmas morning to the point where I honestly believe he will be setting his alarm to wake up in the middle of the night to make himself some eggs with peppers and low-fat cheese. (As an onion hater, I refuse to acknowledge the onions he also plans on putting in there.)

He’s so excited to finally put the plain broth and most of the shakes of the past four weeks behind him, and I can’t blame him. I honestly think I would have murdered someone or even myself if I had to do what he did. But it all pays off, way more than the slight diet I’ve been doing in tandem because I sure as hell didn’t lost 40 damn pounds like he has.

Yeah, you read that right. Tom’s lost 40 pounds since beginning his pre-op diet on Sept. 16. The mood swings have definitely lessened (this, of course, does not include the non-diet-related tantrums that make him Tom hehe). And while he still has soreness and occasional pain as his recovery continues, he’s sleeping better, is less out of breath and is even taking walks nearly every day, much to my delight — and the dismay of his beloved couch.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go run around the block because he has way too good of a head start on me …

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