rpr_body_w8This was a pretty good week, I must say, but it didn’t really start out that way.

To be honest, I was quite nervous about what bariatric patients call “the three week stall.” It is the time that most bodies start their adjustment period after surgery and the weight loss becomes slower or, in some cases, to a complete stop. Who would want to go through all that pain just to stop losing weight after three weeks? So I stayed off the scale till my one month post-op doctor’s visit, and Im glad I did.

I did not lose the weekly 10-plus pounds I had been up till this point, but I did lose seven, which is just as good in my book! More importantly, however, is the way in which I am losing the weight. I am stressing less about what I eat — I feel as if all the prep work and levels of dieting have trained me to think about what I consume, and I am fighting it less.

That is not to say there won’t be an occasional freak out every now and again, I’m back to wanting pepperoni pizza again — I seriously cannot get it out of my mind — but I know eventually I will be allowed to have it, and soon after, that craving will be gone as well. I’m walking as much as I had been doing before the surgery, which is about five to seven miles a day, so it is not like I am pushing out of my comfort zone yet, although getting back to this point after spending so much time horizontal wasn’t easy. And thanks to filling up faster, I really don’t crave snacks as often. All of these are signs of a potentially successful future, according to my doctor, who was very happy with my progress so far!

One of the things that was confusing me, however, was the dietary constrictions as described in the initial information I had received. For instance, as of now, according to the directions, I was allowed to have deli turkey, but not cooked turkey, and there was no mention of ground turkey. The reason for that was since the stomach is still healing, dry meats can get stuck, but the nutritionist said if I had cooked turkey with sweet potato to help it slide down the digestive tract better, I would be fine, so Thanksgiving isn’t a complete bust after all!

The after-surgery rule for the stage I am in now is soft, moist meats. Breads, though, are the complete opposite and start next week. Toasted or crunchy are best, because doughy will get stuck while digesting. Pretty easy to understand when it is explained that way, not to mention all the meal options it opens up in just one more week!

The success of this is really in the amount of pain I am feeling from the original problem I had been having, and that is very faded now (knock wood!), so I’m starting to really buy into the procedure. Being pain-free is a wonderful thing, and having the opportunity to lose weight in the process is kinda a cool bonus, especially when you are talking 48 pounds in a month! Soon I will actually start running again, and that goal of 120-140 pounds lost will be a reality.

Till then, I’m gonna keep on keeping on and try to worry less about the weight and just focus on the health — the process is far less complicated when you can think straight!

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