rpr_body_w7I decided to go straight to the source for my installment of “Roly Poly Roarty” this week.

Like I’ve joked on the show, my new job has me in full-fledged Newsy Nikki mode, so I thought I’d turn my inquiring mind on Tom and ask him things that some people following along or considering a bariatric surgery of their own might want to know about where we are right now, one full month post surgery.

Let’s get to the burning questions.

How do you feel?

Alright. Tired. I feel like the more I exercise, the more tired I am because I’m not really eating a lot because I can’t. I’m still just able to eat a cup and a half of food a day.

What is your biggest issue right now? 

Because I’m not eating or getting enough protein because I get so full, I am … not to be gross, constipated. While they do make you aware this might occur, I wasn’t prepared for it to be such a big issue, to the point where I am wary to get on the scale so I’m not discouraged.

Your diet is changing today, and you’ll graduate to soft solids like “moist preparation meats and vegetables,” seafood, canned fruits and even noodles. What are you looking forward to most?

I can’t wait to get steamed chicken and shrimp — with no sauce, of course! — from our Chinese food store.

What was the hardest part of your diet of the past two weeks?

Really bad heartburn, no matter what I ate or drank, even water.

Is that worse than it was before the surgery?

Yes, it’s definitely worse than it’s ever been before. My doctor said for me to start taking Prilosec daily instead of just when I need it, so hopefully that helps.

How much exercise are you getting?

I’m back up to where I was pre-surgery, when I was kind of healthy, doing three to four miles at a clip. I’m doing it about every other day, and I started lifting weights every other day as well, on days I don’t take walks.

Do you feel you’re doing the right amount for where you are?

Yes, definitely.

You recently got an Apple Watch and won’t shut up about it. How has it helped you?

Unlike the Fitbit, it’s helping me definitely track water intake, which I’m horrible, horrible at. It also helps monitor my heart rate so there’s no question of overdoing it. That’s built-in, and so is a breathing monitor that helps me relax.

Also, I would say that Fitbit was an awesome introduction to using technology to get into shape, but now I graduated.

What’s been helping keep you sane? 

Knowing that the new menu is on the way.

OK, but you get SO bored on a new diet SO fast. How are you going to combat that better than you have the past couple weeks?

Each time the diet changes, I can still have the food from the previous diet, so it’s like my food choices are expanding because I can dip back into that well.

But you actually don’t, which causes mood swings because you’re bored and ready for something new. So. How are you going to combat that for real?

I don’t know (he answered moodily). But at least I’m not starving to death.

Was there a point where you actually thought you were going to be starving?

Yeah, and there are still times I feel I’m not able to eat enough. It’s hard to go from eating almost an entire pizza by yourself to just a cup and a half of food, but I’m really surprised I’m not hungrier.

As of this moment, would you recommend the bariatric surgery? 

The jury’s still out on that one.


For me, I think it definitely helped the pain in my chest so far, but I don’t know if I would’ve done it just to lose weight because you give up so much. I can give up soda to not make my chest hurt, but just to lose weight, I don’t know if I would’ve done it.

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