In Episode 64 of the “High Regard Show,” “Runnin with the Devils,” we actually get to do almost that! Actually it was more of a complete workout, and if you really want to get technical about it, we mostly just watched, but we looked pretty good doing it. All of this was in an effort to promote a holiday workout routine created by the NHL’s own New Jersey Devils and will be distributed free on their social media and website, so check it out if you’re looking for something challenging to fill your vacation time with! For us, the biggest challenge was looking like we were working really hard preparing for this show while the other reporters with us participated in the actual workout. What? We have a hard time multitasking!

We also wanted to chat a little about “Haunting Renditions with Eliot Glazer,” which will be at the Bell House in Brooklyn on Dec. 22 with Gilbert Gottfried and Phoebe Robinson. For our West Coast followers, you guys can catch the show Jan. 28 at The Echo in Echo Park, Calif., so if you’re in either of those areas, check it out. For everyone in between the coasts, we still blame you for Trump, so you get nothing.

I think the holidays are going to be the death of us. Right now, time is a commodity we do not have a lot of. Are we the only ones feeling that way? I mean for as joyful as the holidays are supposed to be, can we agree that they are equally as stressful? I mean Santa, if you are out there, how about an extra week off for some of your favorite podcasters?

  • “Roly Poly Roarty” segment: 46:11:00

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