In Episode 104 of the “High Regard Show,” “Broadway’s ‘1984,’” Nikki and Tom talk about seeing the brilliant, frightening and oh-so-timely Broadway production of George Orwell’s “1984,” which stars Tom Sturridge and Olivia Wilde. From our review of their breathtaking performances to Nikki telling you why she needed a good cry afterward, we tell you why you need to see this play ASAP before it takes its final bow on Oct. 8.

In “Roly Poly Roarty,” Tom discusses reaching his one-year milestone after his bariatric surgery — which maybe could have been avoided if he’d been diagnosed with POTS syndrome earlier — and why he may possibly end “RPR” now that he’s just a few pounds away from his goal weight.

We also talk about the first week with our new bundle of joy, Kona, who has truly stolen our hearts. Are you following @TheKonaPersona’s exploits on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? WELL, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

  • “Roly Poly Roarty” segment: 44:06:03

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