I am not a fan of award shows. The idea that someone’s livelihood could be affected by people who are not talented enough to execute the actions they are judging themselves sickens me.

What may be even more disturbing is the fact that industry “stars” — and I am using that term very loosely — are now calling out those same untalented judges in forms of protest in the name of racial equality. At what point do we as a society say enough already? Not to racially motivated issues, but to the privilege people feel when they are not recognized.

We have sunk so deep into our politically correct society that now, not only do all children expect to get participation trophies, but adults are asking for the same privilege. Participation awards are weakening our society by blurring the lines between success and failure. They instill a false sense of accomplishment and in no way are reflective to the world our children will face when they get older. This is not an opinion based on race or gender, it is just a fact.

Trinkets are given away, awards are earned. Today’s ideology has diluted any value of a merit system, and apparently saying, “Sorry, you’re just not good enough” is so unacceptable that people are boycotting award shows. Regardless of your race, maybe you’re just not good enough to be recognized for your self-valued accomplishments.

What makes situations like this worse is that Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith feel that their boycotting the Oscars is going to help their cause and create racial equality. In the end, it may, but at what cost?

Mr. Lee and Mrs. Pinkett Smith have a valid right to want to see more ethnic diversity at the show, but in all honesty, I can’t imagine them being missed from the Oscars all that much. In fact, this is, personally, the most I have heard about either of them in quite some time.

The real issue is not necessarily race, but rather creativity being so subjective. If you want your art critiqued, you cannot get upset when you don’t get the response you want. We can all complain that we don’t get our fair share of what we feel is owed to us, but that shouldn’t stop us from pushing ourselves to reach goals that make us have respect for ourselves. Metaphorically taking your ball and going home when you don’t get your way doesn’t make you deserving — it makes you someone no one wants to play with.

On a related note, although the Oscars are lacking diversity, so are the BET Awards, or have we all forgotten about those? Maybe the answer would be to just change them name of the Oscars to the WET Awards? Somehow I am sure that would be wrong, even though I have been told many times that reverse racism does not exist, there are just too many examples of it to deny that it does.

Yes, yes, I know the word “racism” should cover us all, but it doesn’t. That is an argument for another day, but right now, we are still talking about how being subjective is racist when people don’t get what they want. Black actors are upset that there isn’t enough diversity in award shows, while white actors are not even considered for their award show, and only one group complaining. So in an effort to rectify this situation, why don’t we do away with awards shows completely?

There are few jobs in this world that justify being rewarded for it. Did you win a game? No, you did your job. Congratulations, you are just like every other working-class person in this world. Your reward should be your paycheck, which is probably a lot bigger than the majority of those whom you claim to represent. We obviously cannot play nice as a society, so maybe things need to start being taken away. Which will just lead to more meaningless things to protest in an effort to be relevant.

Until that time, try being a real creative and do work because you love it instead of the recognition you desire. Awards are just a shallow interpretation of our self worth. Turning trivial events into a racially fueled argument for personal gain is just irresponsible.

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