In Episode 93 of the “High Regard Show,” “Summertime,” we chat about summer (imagine that!), from Tom’s summer camp experiences to Nikki’s summer vacations down the shore in New Jersey. We discuss why Tom hates the ocean and water in general (nearly drowning will do that to a person, really), and Nikki fondly recalls running wild as a beach bum.

In “Roly Poly Roarty,” Tom talks about his upcoming trip to the Mayo Clinic next week, the mental giving up when dealing with a long, mysterious ailment and the hope that someday he can hopefully put this whole thing behind him and leave his couch-turned-prison for good. Or even just a little while.

Due to Nikki & Tom’s upcoming trip to the Mayo Clinic, HRS will be on hiatus July 17, but don’t worry, we’ll be sharing some of our best (and worst! for fun!) past shows all week long for your listening pleasure so you don’t miss us too much (though we know you will!). We’ll be back on July 24 with a very special guest, so check you later, bitches!

  • “Roly Poly Roarty” segment: 33:43:07

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