In Episode 28 of the “High Regard Show,” “No Sleep Till …” we (or actually Tom) ramble through this week’s show, which was recorded a few hours after he came back from a sleep study. If you have never been to one, its not as billed. There are no waterfalls, soothing music or snacks, which were definitely promised! There was, however, a lot of tubes, wires and glue mashed into the hairest parts of the human body they can find. For the record, Nikki is not furry, though there was a question at one point …

What happened to this country’s medical field? Four months in pain, and the concern is everything but the pain? We are at a point now where you can can choose to die of something young and be out of your misery or live long, broke and in pain! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain? How about we just try and advance what we started before we turn into a “Logan’s Run” society, where everyone just decides to end it at age 30 as a means to get by!

Can we all just agree that this show was just a dream? Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzzz … (Not a “Buzzzzzz” sound!) you’ll get it, just listen to the show

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