In Episode 44 of the “High Regard Show,” “M.I.L.P.,” we speak to Carrie McCrossen about her UCB show, “M.I.L.P. (Moms I’d Like to Portray),” a very funny sketch show take on Hollywood’s depiction of women and motherhood in which she plays 16 moms she’d very deftly be able to bring to the screen.

Speaking of women at the forefront, Nikki kinda takes the reins of this week’s show as Tom bravely battles a summer cold. Will she finally get the last word of the episode? Find out at the end of the show!

And since no one came close to guessing the right number, we’re also giving our listeners one more chance to win a prize by answering the following question: How many times does our very own Tom Roarty appear in this video? Send your answer, along with your name and age, to highregardshow@gmail.com, and you just may be a big winner of some HRS swag!

Listen to the show by clicking here!

For more information on Carrie McCrossen and “M.I.L.P.,” which will be held at the UCB Chelsea theater this Thursday, Aug. 4 and Thursday Aug. 25, check out:



For more information on the GRLCVLT Recall Judge Aaron Perksy event on Monday, Aug. 1 at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, click here. Judge Persky, you may recall, is the California judge who gave convicted Stanford rapist Brock Turner a ridiculously short sentence for sexually assaulting a fellow student.

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