Are you writer? Do you want to be a writer?
Do you have thoughts and opinions that are eating you up inside and you just need to get them out?

The “High Regard Show” is a comedy podcast, website and social media platform that focuses on the things that our founders, listeners, readers and contributors hold in high regard (so it’s not just a clever name), and we’re now looking for contributing writers.

Though we can’t pay just yet as this project is entirely self-funded right now, we can guarantee that your stories will get read — and promoted on the site, in the podcast and through our social media channels. In the month since its birth, the “High Regard Show” has had thousands of listens on iTunes and SoundCloud, hundreds of subscribers and our website traffic is continually growing.

That’s where you come in!

We’re looking for writers who are as passionate about content as we are. We want stories ranging from arts and entertainment to sports, politics or any beat you’d like to cover — and can cover with a humorous spin for the site.

And, since this is a non-paying writing gig for the time being, as an added incentive, we’ll give a monthly gift-card prize to the writer of the most-viewed story.

Interested? Send story ideas our way at

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