She may walk slowly with the aid of a walker that her Dorkie (Yorkie + Dachshund) dog Frenchy rides on top of, but don’t let that fool you. Lorraine Bourie is all quick-witted sass, something you realize as soon as you make out the words on the black T-shirt she can usually be found wearing to the dog run inside Washington Square Park in New York’s West Village.

“PUTIN IS MY SEX SLAVE” is emblazoned on the shirt in big, white letters, and nearly everyone she passes does a double take. One women coming out of the dog park even asks Bourie to pose for a picture because “my sister will LOVE this shirt,” she explains with a laugh. “Of course,” Bourie replies, standing as tall as her diminutive stature allows her.

It was outside this dog park, where I’ve been known to while away an hour or so on occasion, that I first spotted Bourie and Frenchy. She was coming out of the dog run, and, of course, I spotted her shirt. Not wanting to be a complete creeper, I decided not to take a photo as was my first instinct, but tweet instead that I saw this “very old woman wearing a ‘Putin is my sex slave’ T-shirt. (I’m really, really sorry about the “very old” part, Lorraine.)

So I fired off the tweet and forgot about it — until a few days later when I saw a Twitter notification from the T-shirt wearer herself. Naturally, I asked for an interview, and so as to make it easier for her (and to finally, finally, finally get myself within the confines of the dog park), I suggested that we meet there.

Here’s what this lively, opinionated woman had to say once we met up amid the barking dogs frolicking and the nearby beat of drums you can always hear in Washington Square Park.

How long have you been making these T-shirts?
It goes way back, like, 20-25 years, and it started with [New York University]. They were building here and building there, wanting to take over this and take over that. I thought I wasn’t going to be living in Greenwich Village anymore — I’d be living in NYU Village. So I went to some community meetings, and it really, really bothered me. So I decided to have a shirt made up that said, “I used to live in Greenwich Village. Now I live in NYU Village.”
Everybody would be like, “Did you see that shirt?”

As time went on, I got a little bit more radical. I made up a news report that said, “This just in: NYU wants to substitute the NYU torch for the [Washington Square Park] arch.” I’d make up all kinds of crazy things. One said, “Wanted: NYU For Stealing Washington Square Park,” and people were loving it. I had a blast. It got people talking and taking my picture.

The next thing that happened was [Donald] Trump. He wanted to do Trump SoHo, which was going to be a hotel, like 35 stories, and I went to a meeting and said I didn’t want that in my area, so I had a shirt made up that said, “Trump is a spoiled brat.”

I went to Las Vegas and wore a shirt that said, “I live in New Trump City” and people in the lobby, the street and casinos, they loved it. Oh, my God, it was unbelievable.

And then I started with [Vladimir] Putin. What a bully! Who is he to say who anyone can love? You love who you love. It really annoyed me, and then I had that shirt made up.

Where exactly did the sex slave idea come from?
I was being transported by Access-A-Ride, and I saw this old woman, like me, with a walker, and I thought, “What would be the complete opposite of one of his [girlfriends]? Me! Vladdy would never be caught with a fat, old broad like me, and I was reading a lot about S&M, and I was wondering if that’s how these powerful guys get their jollies, to be whipped. So that’s how that came about, and boy, did I have a blast with that.

And you also have a sex slave shirt for Trump, too, I saw. 
Trump was saying stuff about Obama, and it really made me angry, so that’s when I decided I’m going to wear “Trump is my sex slave” because somebody has to mock him; he’s not such hot shit. I used to go around to his hotels and apartment buildings, and people would be hysterical; they’d chase me down the street to take my picture, it was a riot!

Have you received any backlash from the shirts?
They know about it in Russia, and if you go on Twitter and put in “Putin is my sex slave,” there’s all kinds of tweets there. There was one guy that I was having a debate with who was telling me how good Putin is, Putin this and Putin that, and finally I had enough of it, and said, “The bottom line is could you walk down the street with this shirt on?” He shut up, and I never head from him again.

Is there anyone you won’t make a shirt for?
I thought I’d better stay away from ISIS. One time, very briefly, I thought about having a shirt for Chris Brown, but thought it wouldn’t be a good idea for a white woman to wear a shirt that said, “Chris Brown is my sex slave,” so that was short-lived.

So I have to ask since you were doing research on S&M, if you ever did get Putin in your sex dungeon, what would be the first thing you’d make him do?
Oh, I’d love to beat the shit out of him. I really would.

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