In Episode 34 of the “High Regard Show,” “Comic Conned,” we ask the question, “What the hell did we do to not be invited to NYC Comic Con this year?” It’s not like we are over-privileged kids with a few friends listening to our stories of scallops and otters – we have been covering this event for six out of the last 10 years and always give it 110 percent! Will we miss being there? Maybe a little, but damn, Daniel, we feel more dissed than anything!

In time, we will work to get back into the open arms of the con, but until that time, the person who denied our application can suck it! So listen to what Tom’s therapist will be having to listen to next week, along with some of our best and worst experiences while attending NYCC over the past 10 years. Oh, and for some reason Nikki throws in some Cher references and even breaks out into song – I apologize in advance for turning this horror show into season four of “American Horror Story.” Stop with the goddamn music already!

Thank god for those strawberry shakes that we had on hand or things could have really gotten out of control! Don’t be too jealous, they were just OK, thanks a lot Comic Con!

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